Supreme Court & its midnight Judgments

Supreme Court & its midnight Judgments

Supreme Court is the most powerful court in India to
take the final decision for the sake of justice. They always serve justice as their only goal in the judgments. It is said that everyone is equal under Law and no one is superior in Law. As it says the Court of law, the Supreme Court is the final place for the people to render justice. It acts as constitutional court, advisory court, appellate court and also court for seeking fundamental rights of each citizen of India. It makes decision with a view to protect our nation no matter the time. Injustice does not sees any time to do illegal or wrong act as same as that there is an opposite reaction to it called justice which always runs to destroy injustice. It may take some time for rendering justice but at last Truth alone triumphs. Goodness comes forward always. Justice never fails. Thus supreme court not only proved to be body of rendering justice but also it works infinitely to achieve the same. 

The judgment of Supreme Court that happened at

  • In 20, March 2020, In the case of Nirbhaya. Where the petitioner filed for the death of the convict Pawan Gupta even though his mercy petition was rejected by the president, they asked for stay for execution of the convict at midnight in justice residence. But the Supreme Court dismissed the petition to render justice and the convict was hanged in the next day morning 5.30 am. 
  • In May 2018 , a petition was filed to stop the BJP leader B.S Yedurappa to swear in the next day ceremony at midnight in the residence of Chief Justice Misra. It Challenged the Karnataka Governor's decision to invite BJP to form government. But, later on due to crowd formed at his residence they shifted to court where the case was finalised which turned against the petitioner. 
  • In July 2015, Yakub Memon, the accused of 1993 Mumbai Blasts was subjected to execution . The final plea took place for nearly 90minutes within the court premises. Though much opposition rose from the part of human activists but the public and media appreciated the court to work even at the midnight to seek justice. 

Other cases that happened in midnight: 

1. Ranga- Billa case, where Justice Y. V. Chandrachud considered a plea for change in judgment of convict’s execution. 

2. In the case of Shatrugan Chauhan vs Union of India, they challenged for stay of execution at night against 16 persons who were given execution of death penalty. 

We know that Supreme Court is known to give judgments round the clock without any hesitation and ignorance in the matter of judiciary. The Justice never gave excuses for the purpose of law. This encouraged the litigants to approach Supreme Court at any time for their urgent relief. 




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